Sunday, July 14, 2019

Sunday Morning:
Call To Worship # 328             “Wonderful Grace of Jesus”
Hymn#  329                           “Grace Greater Than Our Sin”
Hymn # 334                                         “Blessed Assurance”
The Offertory Hymn # 337 “I Know Whom I Have Believed”
Children Go To Children’s Church
The Message
The Invitation #  307                                         Just As I Am”
Sunday Night:
                   BUSINESS MEETING
                     THE LORD’S SUPPER
Hymn # 134                                                  “Jesus Paid It All”
Hymn # 135                                       “Nothing But The Blood”
Responsive Reading # 698
                    Eating of The Bread
                    Drinking of the Cup
The Parting Hymn # 290                             “I Am Thine, O Lord”
1. 5:30 Tonight:   Deacon’s Meeting
2. 6:30 Tonight’. Business Meeting followed by The Lord’s Supper
3. Looking ahead:  Back To School Sunday will be August 11. High attendance day, children’s promotion day and pot luck meal.
4. We had a wonderful VBS! We had over 100 present each night, except the stormy night. 
     Our Mission Project was to help Foster Families. We filled 13 laundry baskets with household items and treats.
     Each basket was delivered by one of our adults and their children to one of the 13 Foster Families  in our area. 3 children were saved and one who was already saved is ready for baptism.
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