Sunday, October 13, 2019

          Our Evangelist is Robby Sherman. He is our Association Missionary.
             Our Music Evangelist is Gary Revels. He is the Children’s Minister at First Baptist, Nashville.
                            Pot-Luck Lunch today for Everyone!
Revival Meeting is 6:30 Tonight.
1. Sunday school classes will prepare a meal each night after the service for the Evangelists and Class members. 
                Sunday night:    Debbie Gibson’s class
                Monday night:   Mike and Madonna’s class
                 Tuesday night:  Christine’s class
  2. Wednesday night:
              5:30:  The Children will meet in the Activity Building for Nachos and a message by Gary Revels.
                         The Youth ( Grades 7-12) will meet in the Fellowship Hall for Pizza and a message by Robby Sherman.
               6:30: Everyone will meet in our Worship Center for the closing Revival service!
3. If you have not scheduled an appointment to have you picture made for the Church Directory,  please see 
      Anna or Madonna today.
4. Please invite everyone you can think of to come to our Revival Meeting! 
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