Sunday, October 6, 2019

Sunday Morning:
Call To Worship # 10                                       “How Great Thou Art”
Hymn # 496                                                “Burn In Me Fire of God”
Hymn # 468                                                   “Lord, Send A Revival”
The Offertory Hymn # 466                             “Send A Great Revival”
Giving of Tithes and Offerings
Children Go To Children’s Church
The Message        “Reigniting Your Passion For Christ”
                     (Mark 12:30; Romans 12:1; Rev. 2:4-5; Rev. 3:15-16)
The Invitation # 573                                              “Set My Soul Afire”
Sunday Evening:
                                    THE LORD’S SUPPER
      “Reigniting Your Passion For Christ By Remembering His Passion”
                                            (Acts 1:3)
Closing Hymn # 553                         “I’ll Tell The World That I’m a Christian”
1. 5:30 tonight:  Deacon’s Meeting
2. Monday night at 5:00:  The Annual  Association Meeting at Oak Grove, Ashdown.
3. Our Revival Meeting begins next Sunday!  We’ll have a Pot-Luck meal at noon! Sunday school classes will provide 
    supper after the evening services.  Debbie Gibson’s on Sun.,  Mike and Madonna’s on Mon., and  Christine’s on Tues.,  Pizza for Youth on Wed.
4. If you have not scheduled an appointment to have your pictures taken for our Church
     Directory………please see Anna or Madonna TODAY! The photographer will be here 
      November 15 and 16!
5. “Fields of Faith” Youth Rally is Wednesday at 7:00 pm at Pleasant Grove High School 
     Stadium in Texarkana. Last year 5,000 attended!
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