Sunday, September 22, 2019

Sunday Morning:
Call To Worship # 238                                                                     “Breathe On Me”
Hymn # 140                                                                              “Down At The Cross”
Hymn # 139                                                                                         “At The Cross”
The Offertory Hymn #                                              “Are You Washed In The Blood?”
Giving of Tithes and Offerings
Praise Song                                                                                                      Video
Children Go To Children’s Church
The Message           “Summer Is Ended, And We Are Not Saved” (Jeremiah 8:4-22)
The Invitation # 308                                                 “Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior”
Sunday Evening:
Call To Worship # 421                                                                  “Whosoever Meaneth Me”
Hymn # 428                                                                                 “Ring The Bells of Heaven”
Hymn # 436                                                                                                 “He Included Me”
Hymn # 439                                                                 “O Happy Day, That Fixed My Choice”
The Message            “Is Your Name In The Book?”                        ( Revelation 20:11-15)
The Invitation # 325                                                                                  “Whiter Than Snow”
1. Today and Next Sunday:  Sign up days for scheduling a time for your pictures to be made
     for our New Pictorial Directory. The Photographers will be here on Friday, November 15
     and Saturday, November 16.
2. Tuesday, Sept. 24 at 10: Senior Adult Rally at Winthrop. Mike will drive our church van. Van will
     leave at 9:15 am. We will take our “Quarters for Kids”. (Speaker: Derek Brown, Director of ABSC Family Ministries)
3.  Thursday:  Pastor’s Conference at OBU. “Book of Jeremiah”.
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