Sunday, September 1, 2019

Sunday Morning:
Call To Worship # 4                                                    “To God Be The Glory”
Hymn # 139                                                                              “At The Cross”
Hymn # 329                                                       “Grace Greater Than Our Sin”
The Offertory Hymn # 495                             “Serve The Lord With Gladness”
Giving of Tithes and Offerings
Praise Song                                                                                    (With Video)
Children Go To Children’s Church
The Message        “Your Labor Is Not In Vain in the Lord”     (1 Cor. 15:58)
The Invitation #309                                                   “Lord, I’m Coming Home”
Sunday Evening:
                        Testimonies From The Colorado Mission Trip
                               By: Adam, Tiffany, and Mason Smith
1. Tuesday, Sept. 3 at 6:00:   LRBA Executive Board Meets at Kern Heights.
2. Saturday, Sept. 7:  Back To School Youth Rally (7-12 grades) at 5:00 pm at FBC Horatio.
    First Annual Dodge Ball Tournament! Great meal and message by Jeff Triplet!
3. Quarters For Kids!
4. Please mark your calendars: On Nov. 15 and 16 the photographers will be taking pictures for our new
    Pictorial Directory. We want every one to be included! Each family will receive a free 8X10 picture and
    a free directory! Your pictures will be ready before Christmas, if you want to buy additional pictures for
6. We have Sunday school classes for all age groups each Sunday morning at 10:00. It is small group Bible
     Study! Come and study God’s Word with friends!
7. October 21: Our church will host the School Quiz Bowl.
8. Revival Meeting: October 13-16, led by Robbie Sherman and Gary Revels