Sunday, July 15, 2018

Sunday Morning:
Call To Worship # 581                                       “We Have Heard The Joyful Sound”
A Time of Greeting
Hymn # 573                                                                      “Set My Soul Afire, Lord”
Hymn #570                                                  “Lord, Lay Some Soul Upon My Heart’
The Offertory Hymn # 559                                                   “Rescue The Perishing”
Giving of Tithes and Offerings
Children Go To Children’s Church
Special Music
The Message                              “Rescue The Pershing”                     (Jude 20-23)
The Invitation # 560                                                  “Lead Me To Some Soul Today”
Sunday Evening:
                           BUSINESS MEETING
Call To Worship # 565.                                                                      “So Send I You”
Hymn # 571                                                                “Let Others See Jesus In You”
Hymn # 576                                                     “Take The Name Of Jesus With You “
The Message                             “The Value Of A Soul”                      (Mark 8:34-38)
The Invitation # 591      (speak, not sing)             “Hark, The Voice of Jesus Calling”
1. Deacon’s Meeting tonight at 5:30!
2. Business Meeting tonght at 6:30, followed my worship service.
3. 6 children were saved in VBS!
4. Many thanks to all who worked in VBS! We had a wonderful time!
5. VBS Mission Offering is for THE CALL (Foster Care Program).
6. Kids at Springlake Camp this week (July 16-20)
7. We are collecting money for: Quarters For Kids (Arkansas Baptist Children’s Homes) and
     Mission to India.